(Announcing) isMedia- Studio Santa Claus Partnership

We’re excited to announce a new strategic partnership between isMedia and Studio Santa Claus.

Now this is the third partnership with an entertainment company that isMedia has built after the partnership with IOK and IHQ.

Through this partnership, isMedia will secure content intellectual property (IP) for the entertainment business of Studio Santa Claus in the TPA project.

Once the intellectual property rights are secured, it will allow TPA project to enable the production of unlimited NFT items in various fields such as entertainers, dramas, movies, music records, and broadcasting channels etc. TPA will have competitive power in NFT business and will lead the market.

Studio Santa Claus has about 60 actors and actresses including Joo Won, Kim Yun Seok, and Soo Ae.
The company has produced famous K-dramas and recently completed producing Netflix original drama “Undercover”.

Starting with this partnership, IsMedia will gradually expand the intellectual property rights of content for the production of NFT items with Studio Santa Claus and will create more creative NFT ideas in real.

This partnership with isMedia and Studio Santa Claus is an opportunity to introduce more K-contents, which had been a limited concept in the NFT market, to broaden the range of purchases for users.

Please stay tuned for the positive changes in the NFT market that TPA project will bring in the future and TPA Finance will be able to deliver more diverse and interesting news in the future.

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