TPA Ecosystem and Token Economy

The fact that TPA Finance project provides DeFi services along with NFT differentiates the project from other ones.

Today let’s go over the DeFi ecosystem and Token Economy of TPA Finance.
TPA Finance’s DeFi has great merit in that it interoperates with NFTs.
It is the convergence of assets from the NFT marketplace to be used for TPA DeFi.

TPA Utility Token
TPA token is an ERC-20 based token used in the TPA ecosystem, NFT marketplace, and TPA DeFi. TPA is perfectly interchangeable with Ethereum and various ERC-20 based tokens and has high utility such as purchasing NFT items, crowdfunding, and staking. The token economy of the TPA ecosystem will be operated with the following structure.

TPA DeFi that operated by TPA token supports basic staking service.
It supports Yield Farming, that users deposit assets and receive interest from mining, and supports Vault, that users can safely see profits as investment products of the deposited assets. In addition, by using fungible and non-fungible tokens, it is possible to increase staking liquidity and generate strategic and stable profit.

NFT Marketplace is planning to increase loyal users by creating products exclusively for members.
Membership-only products include NFT drops, collectibles rewards, airdrops, and other events for membership, and TPA token is used then. By staking TPA tokens, users will be able to collect exclusive NFT items dedicated to membership. As a result, Membership will increase the number of loyal users in the TPA ecosystem and it also increases the number of deposits in the staking pool.

NFT Collateralized Loans
Users are not just buying NFT items but they also can lend NFTs or borrow them.
Once a user repays the loan, the asset will be transferred back. If a user doesn’t pay back the total repayment amount before the due date, the asset will be transferred to the lender

NFT Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is a feature that allows fractionalizing NFT tokens into liquid ERC-20 tokens. This
feature opens the possibility of collective ownership of expensive and highly demanded NFTs. It enables an active NFT market by increasing users who participate in owning NFT items.

Token Allocation and Distribution
TPA issued 10 billion tokens in total.
22.5% of tokens are allocated for the loan and rewards pool. This is the amount allocated to maintain the loan pool and for the rewards delivered to users in the operation of the ecosystem. 10% of tokens were allocated to maintain the ecosystem, and 20% of TPA was allocated as foundation reserve. This quantity is for use in emergencies that may occur in the future, but it is usually a fixed quantity. 10% is for teams, advisors, and partners and 10% is for marketing. Lastly, 27.5% is the TPA token sale amount that will be released in the market.

Today, we have gone through the TPA ecosystem and token economy.
TPA is putting much effort to perfectly combine NFT into DeFi and this will eventually let users participate in the TPA ecosystem.

Thank you very much for your interest in the changes that TPA will make in NFT market in the future. TPA will do its best to meet your expectation.
Stay tuned!

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