TPA, K-Pop NFT Marketplace Development Update #2

Hello TPA community!

Following the previous posting, today the rest of the TPA NFT Marketplace features will be covered in this posting.

3. Drop

Live drop feature will be added in this update.

In Live Drop, K-pop stars stream live broadcasts, and NFT products related to their band or themselves are auctioned or sold as products.
In fact, we plan to provide users with a special experience of purchasing NFT products while watching the live performances of their favorite stars.

4. Other Features

Other additional features include:
The ranking allows users to follow their favorite artists and receive latest news about artists.

In addition, through the ranking system, users can purchase badges or NFT products of their favorite artists to check how high they are in the marketplace compared to other users.

There will also be an update to the system where users can become a “Superfan” of a specific artist by becoming the owner of an Early Access or Exclusive Drop, and become a higher ranker.

Today we looked into the additional NFT Marketplace feature updates.

As mentioned above, through this update, users in the marketplace will be more interested in and use their identity in Marketplace with interesting features.

We will update the development process as it develops.
So stay tuned.

Thank you for your interest in TPA project.

Thank you~!



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